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Increase the Legal age of Alcohol use to over 21 yo (in Australia), by 30 Nov 2017.

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Strong evidence is readily available to support this action. If only human beings realised how much better off their lives and brains would be (at present) without the harmful and seriously wrecking ball effects of excessive alcohol consumption.

Young people are at great risk, in our beautiful country "AUSTRALIA"..What happened in your backyard in the past was not the kind of 'Walking Disaster' that many of us are seeing now. We are seeing serious brain damage by age 23 in young males, for example. With poor outlook on life, poor job prospects, no goals, no motivation, no respect, no proper manners, no integrity, no strength of character - Just a  wicked Piss-weak little ego!

Something to be prpud of our Lads? Nahhhh. The young women are like trash and have gutter mouths, full of greed & the seven deadly sins..not pretty but plenty of makeup & material things to cover their slackness or shall I say Lack of Heart and Soul 'for their evolution' and 'for a QUALITY of LIFE that is worthy of appreciating or employing and loving With full GRATITUDE not ATTITUDE. 

Young brains need to be Strong, Super-Healthy, Smart, Stylish, Successful, Smiling with Happiness for who they are becoming. (Not a fraction of their true self, where the grog does the talking & they cant justify their own existence to keep clean & real)

One Life, One fearless without alcohol while under 21 years old! Everyone's lives are so unique, why pollute it all by over consumption of Alcohol? Does the success and independence of 18-21 year old youths actually make a difference? 

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