Stop Suicide, raise adolescent care from 18 to 25

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"Suicide is complex. It usually occurs gradually, progressing from suicidal thoughts, to planning, to attempting suicide and finally dying by suicide." - International Association for Suicide Prevention.

In 2017 there were 6,213 suicides in the UK and Republic of Ireland. This petition started because a friend of mine, Ashling Bartley took her own life at the age of 19 years old. Ashling was hospitalised and released upon turning 18 years old because she was considered to be an adult at that age. This resulted in Ashling being discharged before she  was ready. She had received several letters in regards to appointments she should attend however, these went ignored because she was overwhelmed with the symptoms of her mental illness. Additionally, due to her being deemed an adult in regards to government standards, her mother was not privy to any information such as appointments as everything was addressed to only Ashling herself. This petition will hopefully get government hear the cry of many parents who've lost a child to suicide because they were made to make decisions they were not ready for as 18 is just a number. Please help us make changes to mental health laws. Please help us save someone's child, sister/brother, cousin, aunt/uncle, or friend