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I’m the mum of Rory Robertson. This little boy was beaten at the age of ten months from Ryan Devaney. He suffered broken rips broken thigh bones 2 black eyes carpet burns bite marks to his ear. This happened in Dundee Scotland but he now resides in Swindon. His family still stay in Dundee. I have after 3 years put up the recording of his attempted murder on my baby. Iv had to wait this long because the police wouldn’t give me my phones back until I made a formal complaint. For anyone who has not heard this please go onto the status and have a read.   This recording was never fully played in court and we think it could have had a major impact if it was played to the jury. Please please please sign this in hopes we can maybe get justice for my beautiful boy.  Rory is the smartest most amazing little boy ever and he is totally thriving!! But we need this monster stopped and put behind bars. The night mare and horror me and my family have had to live the last 3 and a half years is heartbreaking it can only with the public’s help get better from here!!! I beg everyone to please sign and help me as a mother get my boy justice