If child contracts corona virus 1 parent provided ppe to be with child in hospital

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A 13 year old boy died in London of the corona virus without any family with him. I have 2 young children and a 3rd on the way. My 2 year old has autism if by any chance my 2 year old contracted this virus. I took him to hospital and then just had to leave him in a strange place. With strangers alone. That would make him more ill firstly he would want either mam or dad with him. He would wonder what is happening and get even more stressed. And not be cal or get well. not only would my child be worried hurt and stressed but as parents we would be to. As a pregnant women It would be safer for my child's dad to be in hospital with him it would give me peace in my heart that daddy is with my child or children and they are not suffering or dieing alone. When I rang my local mp to raise this issue it was said to me that nothing had been put in place because it is rare that children are becoming ill. I say if it is rare it should not be a problem to provide 1 parent with the correct protective wear so they can be with there child. As a parent now knowing this issue as precautions as I'm being makes me feel forced to make a decision I wouldn't like to make. Do I send my child to hospital if became ill to not be able to be with him. Stay with him cuddle him or ever see him again. If the worse happened as it did to that 13 year old boy. Or do I say nothing keep him and nurse him at home. And if other parents were to feared to take there child to hospital because of knowing they can't be with there child anddecide the same thing to stay at home and say nothing then what? Please I ask. From the governments around the world to provide hospitals with the right equipment for nurses, doctors, and 1 parent with young child or children who become ill so we can work better and safer and with less pain to fight this virus. Please I ask for all parents who want to be with there child in hospital whilst ill to sign this petition and help get the right ppe wear for doctors nurses and parents with young children. Thank you