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Child Maintanence and self employed non resident parents

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For a long time now Non resident parents who are self employed, are being able to avoid child maintenance, and "work the system". The communication between the CSA/CMS with HMRC tax evasion, is NIL! The CSA/CMS ask you to prove the Non resident parent is getting paid more then what they declare! Unless you commit a crime then it is impossible to obtain such information! This loophole is becoming more and more appealing to more Non resident parents, and making more and more become self employed where tax evasion is greater! Children in england are living in poverty in the year 2017, because of the lack of resources and man power for the CSA/CMS to actually investigate these issues, they are not allowed to question the Non resident parent based on lifestyle inconsistencies, instead they just want you to go to a tribunal, this is a minimum of 6 months before any money is taken from the Non resident parent and used for the child, if any at all! THIS IS CHILD NEGLECT!! If I did not feed or clothe my child for 6 months, I would be investigated by social services and placed in prison for child neglect. The law needs to change and the children of today need to be a priority of this world, and Non resident parents who refuse to pay and tax dodge need to be placed in court, and have a criminal offence put against them for child neglect!!

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