We want fare ellection we want democracy in Bangladesh

We want fare ellection we want democracy in Bangladesh

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akhtar mahmud started this petition to House of Commons and

30th December 2018 Election in Bangladesh was not only a flaunt election, it was an organised crime by the Government.


1) Ballots papers were kept pre sealed in the ballot box in most of the polling centres within 12 to 4 am in the midnight. 1000/2000 ballot papers were kept for the general mass and journalists ostentatiously/as eye wash. They even snatched the ballot papers from the returning officers forcefully and those who refused to provide them were brutally tortured.


2) One of the friend, whose son is working in the military force, informed to his father that after receiving a complaint at 12 midnight, he called the CO (Commanding Office normally from Army) to go there but rather told him the centre was out of bounds.

Though they were informed from every polling station that the vote was confiscated, they were unable to take any action.

He told his father later, he has learned from the BMA( Bangladesh Military Academy) Honour Code, "A Gentleman Cadet should not lie, cheat or steel nor tolerate those who do."

He regretted to continuing work with that sort of institution.

In another case, one officer arrested one chatro league activist and he was withdrawn from the spot field, said that person who himself is a retired Army Officer not willing to be named.


3) All the Presiding Officers were instructed to see the UNO (Upozilla Nirbahi Officer Important Civil Servant for a Constituency) when vacating the Polling Station with the polling boxes and other materials.Those who are from BCS(Bangladesh Civil Service) senior to the UNO by position, didn't meet them but the DC(District Commissioner) SP( Superintendent of Police) and the candidates put pressure on us by calling several times. The Juniors who went to see them was being ordered to do what they said.

Some of the close friends of mine told me several incidents of their own districts. 1500 votes of one polling centre, where I was the in charge, were sealed at night . DC, SP and UNO intimidated me to provide the ballots to one of the Awami League leaders. 


4) Around 150 teachers and 50 staff members of our Riffle School and College have performed the duty as Polling Officers, assistant Presiding Officer and Presiding Officer in the different polling station of Dhaka City.

Unfortunately, all of us have got similar experiences. I were one of the witness of that terrible situation. Strangely, all of the Awami League activists followed the duties in the similar way. 


However, I can undoubtedly assure you 95% polling centres deceived in the same manner. Even the most dangerous event of the election is the Presiding Officers made prepared the result without counting the votes!

In the general meeting of the college, one of our teachers asked the principal Lieutenant Colonel ....," as a teacher we are supposed to teach our students honestly and morality. Can we stay away from these immoral and inappropriate activities? We are requesting you, Sir!"

He replied that we can't be expected to follow the principle in every situation, moreover, this is not the right place to discuss about this matter. 

In a meeting with the Junior Officers of Administration on 31st December, the District Commissioners expressed their gratitude to them. They also expressed their concern about the dissatisfaction of their actions. But the DC explained that the Opposition Party BNP would come to the power and thousands of people would be killed and escalation of violence occurred. Development of the country will be impeded. This continued development should go on up to 2041. By this time general public will understand whom they should vote for, eventually they will get the right to vote. "Before you get the right to vote, you need to understand what vote is", he added. 


In fact, this was not an election, is was indeed a conspired organised crime!!


One example of Bangladesh Government  corruption:


Costs of the Padma Bridge compared with other Bridges


Bogibeel Bridge over Padma Bridge over the Padma river

the Brahmaputra river in Assam in Munshigonj/Shariatpur



Two railway lines with Two railway lines with

three lane roadways on top two lane roadways on top

opened on 25/12/2018 construction in progress, not finished


4.94 km long 6.15 km long, 18.10 metre wide



Total cost:

Rs 5,900 crore (5.9 billion Rs) 30,190 crore Taka (301.9 billion BDT

/ US$ 800 million /US$ 3,900 million


Escalating costs for Padma Bridge over the years: (Daily Star 22/6/18)

2007 BDT 101.62 billion (10,162 crore) BDT

2011 BDT 205.07 billion

2018 BDT 301.93 billion


For similar construction costs and ‘system loss’ as in India, the Padma Bridge could be completed with a cost of US$ 996 million.


Estimated System Loss or Kickbacks 39,00 – 996 = US$ 2,904 million or US$ 2.904 billion or BDT 224.80 billion or 22,480 crore.


See the scale of corruption or looting of state assets by the ruling regime of Bangladesh? Only 24.48% of the project money is spent on the bridge while the remainder 75.52% is looted in the name of development by the members of ruling regime, contractors, project managers, consultants and others partners of their crime!



The Padma bridge was initially conceived during the BNP government (2001-2006).




The Crimean Bridge (Road & rail) (built between 2014-18)


19 km long

Cost US$ 3.7 billion

Bangladeshi people are working abroad hard. The countries Garments sector is second biggest in the whole world. Bangladeshi force are doing well as Peace Keeper in the United Nations. 

By mortgaging the whole country obtained credit and looting its 75.52% will lead the country towards bankruptcy.

People had no choice to vote but they have to repay the debts which is unfair.

Therefore to all the Investors in Bangladesh please ensure that people can Vote in Bangladesh and Stop Bangladesh going towards Fascism.

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