Stop torturing & free students in Bangladesh who wants a quota reform for all Govt. jobs.

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In recents days Students are protesting to reform job quota for all Govt. jobs in Bangladesh. They are brutally tortured, abducted and imprisoned and threatened by the Goverment law enforcement egencies and  their student wing of the ruling party in Bangladesh. 

Bangladesh is a formar commonwealth country. The citizen of Bangladesh are entitled to vote in The United Kingdom. One and half million Bangladeshi background  people lives in the United Kingdom. This country has a lots of interest over there. Lots of the family members of the British Citizen lives in Bangladesh. 

In absence of free fare election people are suffering from injustice. Lack of freedom of expression, abduction, enforced disappearances, State terrorism by law enforcement agency and a government  supported fanatic group present there.

Lots of political persons killed, abducted are imprisoned.

Therefore without a strict measure taken by the British Parliament it will be very hard for the ordinary people to live in Bangladesh peacefully. They will not have fundamental rights. 

Students will not have right to compit equally for jobs. Torture to them will not stop. Injured students will not receive medical treatment. Eventually the country will enter into a Civil War.