Stop drug dealers from taking over your neighbourhood!

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The general public has no idea how hard it is for police to bust a drug dealer. In most if not in all cases, police need credible source information (normally drug users) to provide the police with recent (within 72hr) , information. If it’s credible information, then a judge has to sign off on a warrant before the police can even do anything. It takes several hours of surveillance and intel to build a case. Police know who all the dealers are....they just don’t have the power to shut them down. That’s why tougher penalties and changes to the criminal code need to happen. I get it and I agree that Every Canadian has equal rights and freedoms....can you imagine if someone suspected you of doing something criminal and the police busted through your door? That being said, I’m adamant that changes need to be made when it comes to drug dealers and gangs. There needs to be some wiggle room for police powers. I am proposing that stricter and mandatory sentences be giving to drug dealers. I am also proposing that police should have more power to arrest and a conviction stick  when they suspect a convicted drug dealer of trafficking. Our country is in crisis