Say no to punish a Muslim day 3rd April 2018.muslims don't deserve this please sign thanks

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I just saw this sheet of paper and shocked when I read it.this whats written on the sheet.

Punish a Muslim day 3rd April 2018

These are some of the horrible things they have decided as punishment for us Muslim. 

 1 verbally abuse a Muslim

2 pull the headscarf of a Muslim woman

3 throw acid in a Muslims face

4 beat up a Muslim 

5 torture a Muslim using electrocution skinning use of a rack.

6 Butcher a Muslim using a gun, knife, vehicle otherwise

7 burn or bomb a mosque 

8 nuke Makkah 

And this was the address provided at the bottom stating for further enquiries please contact this address. 

My name is Shamyla and I have made this petition to help us Al Muslims out and keep us all safe. 

I'm am absolutely shocked by what these people intend to do to us innocent Muslims.please kindly sign this petition and help us get our freedom and life back.

Many thanks 

Shamyla A