Petition for the Abolition of the Children Act 1989

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In 1989 the British government adopted UN Convention on Rights of the Child suggetion and created the Children Act 1989. To make sure the welfare of the child is paramount the Act decree that a 'guardian', a complete stranger, will decide what is the best interest of a child rather than his or her parents.

In most cases the 'guardian' met the child for only for a few minutes. The Children Act also claims parents have responsibilities towards their child but no rights regarding their child. As the Children Act refers to welfare of children in court hearings it is being used in court to strip parents of their Parental Rights (as affirmed in Article 8 of Human Rights Act 1998) and allow strangers such as doctors, 'guardian' and judge to decide to withdraw medical treatment and make sure the child dies.

We do not agree that we have no rights over our children. Our Parental Rights over our children, which are inherent rights, are affirmed in Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998 (Right to Family Life) which governs UK law and supersedes the Children Act 1989.

We do not agree that strangers have the right to decide whether or not our children will be given medical care, what medical care they will be given and where. It is up to us, the parents to decide such matters and only us. The House of Commons are our representatives and in a democratic society suppose to reflect the will of the people. They did not ask us before voting for the Children Act 1989. If they asked we would have told them we do not agree to it. Therefore we ask that they abolish it.