Jagmeet Singh back into the House of Commons

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On Wednesday, June 17th, 2020 speaker Anthony Rota kicked Jagmeet Singh out of the House of Commons for calling Québécois MP Alain Therrien a racist. Jagmeet Singh refused to apologize for his comment. Singh said “I was angry at the moment and I stand by it-in that moment. I saw the face of racism.”

We believe that he was speaking realistically on racial issues that are occurring in the moment all around the world; hence why Singh said the comment as that’s what he believes in and wanted the approval needed for a motion calling out systematic racism in the RCMP, which Therrien denied the approval for.

All Singh was doing was voicing his concerns of a broken system, instead of fixing the problem our leaders decided to shut him out. He’s the type of leader we need in the society we live in now. By coming together and signing this pentions we hope that it will bring Jagmeet Singh back into the House of Commons. We believe Jagmeet Singh speaks for the youth and needs to voice his opinions.