end puppy mills

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In Canada, there is no official definition for a "puppy mill". Yet is usually known for its commercialized breeding of dogs. Puppy mills are an unethical way corporations make money. They use parent dogs to breed over and over again. Inseminating them quickly after just giving birth, parents in puppy mills usually live only up to five horrendous and torturous years. Multiple innocent beings are locked up in small cages, not given proper medical care, are malnourished, and some puppies do not survive. 

The problem with the Canadian government not giving any real defintion of a "puppy mill" is, that it means therte are no laws to protect the animals within that facility, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation, psychological, physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

Due to consumerism, the general public is persuaded through media and advertisements to buy a "new"dog as a pet,  this demand for "new" dogs justifies the existence of puppy mills. 

It is a common stereotype also that rescued dogs, and dogs in shelters are "aggressive, dirty, damaged goods" when in reality, dogs only reciprocate to the environment they are in. If a dog is only introduced to negativity and violence, that is all he/she will know, therefore socializing the dog to be violent. No dog is inherently "bad", these popular stereotypes also justify and encourage the consumption of "new, cute" puppies. 

There are millions of dogs killed in shelters in Canada every year due to them being "unwanted". There is no ethical reason for puppy mills to be legal in Canada, we should not be bringing new dogs into this world when we are not able to take care of the abandoned beings that are already alive and suffering.