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MPs should only have one job: being an MP

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George “six jobs” Osborne, MP, has hit the headlines due to taking up yet another role: this time as editor of the Evening Standard newspaper.  He is, however, not the only MP who receives remuneration from additional jobs.

Is this right?  I don’t think so.

Being an MP is demanding and should be the sole focus of the person elected to take that role. If an MP receives remuneration for other jobs, then his / her ability to focus on the core role of being an MP is massively reduced and raises key questions about objectively, and how that individual can be influenced to vote in a certain way on new laws and amendments.  It is a mockery to the people who elected him or her, to the importance of the role, to our system of governance, and to democracy.

Please sign this petition to express your agreement that the system be changed so that MPs cannot accept additional salaried positions during their tenure as an MP.  Only then can we be confident that the right person is elected, i.e. an individual who wants to represent his/her constituents properly, and not use being an MP as an opportunity to promote him/herself and get paid for work outside of Westminster at the same time.

The UK public elects Members of Parliament (MPs) to represent their interests and concerns in the House of Commons. In order to do their job properly, MPs need to split their time between working in Parliament itself, working in the constituency that elected them and working for their political party.  The core duty of an MP is to represent his/her constituents and act on issues they raise.  In addition, MPs attend debates in the Chamber, participate in select committees, examine and vote on new laws.  Some MPs take the role of a government minister with a specific responsibility in a certain area.  MPs also attend functions, visit schools and businesses and should generally try to meet as many people as possible to give them insight and context into issues to ensure they represent their constituents, and the nation, to the best of their ability.  All MPs, from the backbencher to the Prime Minister, can never relinquish the primary role of working for their constituency and should still hold regular ‘surgeries’ to meet and help constituents with matters that concern them.

The Working Time Regulations class an average working week as 48 hours.  Many MPs believe that this is not enough to fulfil their duties properly.  A survey by the Hansard Society in 2011 suggested that MPs are working an average of 69 hours a week.  How is it possible for any MP with an additional job to claim that they are adequately fulfilling his/her role as an MP?  It is not.

By signing this petition you will help me raise attention to this issue and request change to ensure MPs work for the people who elected them, and not to line their own pockets.

Want to see how much remuneration your MP collects for work that it not MP-related? MPs must register such additional interests in the “Register of Members' Financial Interests”.  The last version is available here:

I hope you will sign this petition.

NB The image on the petition shows data from 2014, but even if the chart was redone with up-to date data, the message remains the same.  More information on the investigation into MPs with additional jobs is here:

and here:







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