Ethical behaviour in government

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We have all seen numerous ethical violations by several political parties over the years.  Often the penalty seems to be a minimal fiscal penalty while the damage has been far greater to the people of Canada.  Since we the people of this country can demand and expect better; laws need to be in place to ensure unethical behaviour is punished.  A breach of trust has occurred when an ethical violation has occurred. We need to ensure that the person or persons who have violated our trust don’t have the chance to do so again.  They have already proven that they don’t respect parliamentary standards by breaching ethical standards, committing an offence against all citizens of this country.  Since it will be unlikely that any party in power will make the changes necessary, we the citizens of Canada need to demand change.

I propose the following law be enacted:

If a Member or Members of Parliament are convicted of an ethics violation, they will be immediately removed from parliament and not allowed to run for office again.  An immediate by-election will be called in the ridings that have lost representation.  If fiscal damage to the citizens of Canada occurred or fiscal advantage was gained because of this ethical violation, the party of the member will be responsible for repaying Canadian tax payers in full.