Stop expansion of fin-fish farms in Tasmania.

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Environmental impact
Fish sewage and other waste from fin fish farms create a dead zone in our coastal waters, impacting on:
• the gazetted shark hatchery of Norfolk Bay
• and potentially threatening the Federally Listed Endangered Red Handfish (thymichthys politus)
• the biodiversity of our pristine waterways due to predation by escaped Atlantic Salmon (an introduced species) of native fish and other marine species 

Impact on recreation
Fish farms in the Southern Beaches area will impact on our ability to enjoy the CLEAN, crystal clear waters of our bays by:
• polluting our waters so we can’t swim, surf, kayak, go fishing or enjoy other water sports
• creating marine debris that will wash up on our beaches, get caught up in engines or props of boats and potentially put lives at risk due to the risk of impact by vessels travelling at speed
• creating noise and light pollution substantially impacting on the amenity and  peaceful environment of our communities and our local environments

Lack of Transparency
Huon Aquaculture has not been transparent in their consultation with the Southern Beaches community.
• consult broadly with us.

They have been MISLEADING:
• claiming the salmon relocated to Norfolk Bay “have been infected by POMV virus and since recovered”
• Their own POMV fact sheet (2018) states that “POMV cannot be cured”

We call on the House of Assembly in Tasmania to:
1. Enact and pass legislation bringing into effect a full moratorium on any expansion of fin fish farming in Tasmanian waters.

2. Revoke ANY and ALL FIN FISH LEASES in Frederick Henry and Norfolk Bays in Southern Tasmania, effective immediately.

Personal story
SEMP is a grassroots community organisation that includes people from all walks of life and seeks to:
1. Keep Southern Beaches CLEAN & POLLUTION FREE
2. Keep Norfolk, Frederick Henry and Storm Bays FIN FISH FARM FREE!
3. Push for a SUSTAINABLE fin fish farm industry, NOW and in the FUTURE.