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END Immunity and 2 Terms

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It is high time we rise against bad governance in Nigeria and Africa at large and also give more preference to the youths in the next coming election by supporting the move of #NOTTOOYOUNGTORUN. A student will fail an examination if he is not well prepared, Perfect Preparation Prevent Poor Performance ( 5ps). A student that fail a simple arithmetic of 2+2 (4 years) can't solve the arithmetic of 4+4 (8 years) Once beaten twice shy. If you can't provide a solution within 4 years definitely you will mess up in the next enrollment. You have 4 years as a student to graduate and if you fail, you will be expel so be it to any elective position. At year one, you have chances to study hard and observe and implement necessary measure to help you propel well in the next 3 years. There are possibility of not getting right as expected due to circumstances and pressure but the half years (2 years) is enough to correct every lapses. In any game of sport there's a half time, 2 years to study the opponent i.e the challenges, possible solution and good governance. The half time, the next 2 years is to re strategize and prove your competency as a Governor, Senator, President etc. If prove otherwise in the next 2 years, that's the definition of a failure as an elective member representing a constituency. Having said this, a single term of 4 years is enough for any member of NASS, HOA, Governor or President to prove his/her loyalty, competency, humanity, accountability to people who voted them. 

Immunity has helped so many elective member for misappropriation, unaccountable, bad governance, fraud and misuse of power to oppress the voiceless. Many of the representative are not worthy of the position they found themselves with different allege against them from their previous position but because of immunity they want to be in power for the rest of their life and enjoy immunity at the detriment of service.

We therefore write to the NASS to consider these as a bill to pass in the year 2018 and also enforce the law agency with more power to carryout their duties as expected regardless of position and to abide by law and to maintain good governance in Nigeria.

Nigeria belongs to all and we must build it together.

#SaveNextGeneration. #GoodGovernance #JusticeAndEquity #FreeAndFairElection.


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