House Harrisonburg Now: Support Housing for All with The Bluestone Town Center


House Harrisonburg Now: Support Housing for All with The Bluestone Town Center

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Why this petition matters

Homes for Harrisonburg

Harrisonburg is the Friendly City for all who live here. No matter our background, we want the best for our families - including stable and safe homes for our children and elders. Currently, our City is facing a shortage of more than 1,256 units of housing, creating a worsening community challenge that affects us all. Additionally, we need 84 to 94 supportive housing units for the elderly and 445 to 509 for non-elderly individuals. The time to act is now - we need to house Harrisonburg now, and support housing for all.

Issues Currently Facing Our Community

● Shortage of housing units in our city

● The negative impacts on our economy. Local employers are unable to hire potential employees due to a lack of housing, and individuals are unable to pursue career opportunities

● Single-family dwellings make up 94% of owner-occupied units in Harrisonburg

●  The lack of additional supportive housing for the elderly

Solutions Bluestone Town Center Can Provide

● Bluestone Town Center will supply approximately 900 residences over 8 to 9 years to address this shortfall

● It will help to increase workforce housing for police, teachers, firefighters, and other essential professionals

● Bluestone Town Center will increase housing choices by adding residences of varying sizes

● 75 apartments will house the elderly and disabled using voucher subsidies and provide supportive services

In Conclusion

We must act to address the increasing housing shortage in our community that concerns us all. We have all the studies and data we need to show the urgency of addressing our growing housing shortage. Housing affects people’s health, economic mobility, and opportunity. Harrisonburg citizens work to lift each other and help each other succeed. It is imperative that you join the effort to House Harrisonburg Now. 

How can I Help? 

Take Action by signing this petition and confirming your signature in your email inbox. Then share this petition with your fellow community members to aid in the effort to recognize and establish a solution for the housing shortage in our City.

Additional Actions to Help Support Bluestone Town Center

Sign Up For The Bluestone Email List

Contact Harrisonburg’s City Council members to express your support for the project.

Mayor Deanna R. Reed-

Vice Mayor Laura Dent-

Council Member Christopher B. Jones-

Council Member Dany Fleming-

Council Member Monica Robinson-

 Community Development & Planning Director Adam Fletcher-

Send a letter of support for Bluestone Town Center

Follow this link and download this word document and edit the bolded fields in the form. Once completed this document can be dropped off physically at HRHA’s main office at 286 Kelley Street or emailed to

Send a Letter of Support

Additional Information Resources

HRHA Website

Learn about EquityPlus

Bluestone Town Center Website

HRHA Facebook Page [learn information regarding The Bluestone Town Center daily]


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This petition made change with 475 supporters!

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