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House Education Subcommittee: Vote NO on House Bill 1332 even with new amendment!

The Don't Say Gay bill has been rewritten to add a provision that would require school personnel to reveal conservations about sexuality and gender to a child's parents. It would isolate students seeking help.

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Rep. Mark White
Rep. Harry Brooks
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Please, vote NO on House Bill 1332, even with the proposed amendment, which actually makes the bill worse. The amendment we've seen would forbid most school personnel from counseling students on any matters other than curriculum and career issues. Where will they turn in an emergency? What if there is not time to make a referral? And who pays for the referral to a professional counselor?
The amendment is not realistic because students turn to school personnel on a regular basis for help. With the proposed amendment, they will have few places to turn in their time of need.

In a recent MTSU poll a clear majority of Tennesseans have expressed their opposition to the bill.

This bill is harmful to children and it continues to be a source of national embarrassment for Tennessee. It has become too much of a distraction.

Thank you for considering my views.

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