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House Bill 956 creating "aggressive" dog classifications: Fail the proposed House Bill 956

Breeds named in this bill should not be labelled as aggressive by default. They are loyal breeds that become family members if they are loved and trained correctly. Since when has the rule become guilty until proven innocent? Would you ever label a child as having "the potential" to be dangerous as soon as they were born?  These breeds should not be judged based on their breed. If a dog is aggressive, the dog and the owner should be held accountable, but why should the responsible owners like myself be punished for doing the right thing?  Why not make harsher punishment for those who neglect or train their pets in harmful ways?  We all know that agressive dogs come in many shapes and sizes, and they should not be labelled as such as soon as they are born. I should not have to purchase a special permit or obtain additional insurance than any other pet owner. My dog is not vicious. She is a pitbull, and she and her kind should not be judged, labelled, or discriminated against for something they didn't do.

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Member of NC House - Mecklenburg Rodney W. Moore
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Fail the proposed House Bill 956