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House Armed Services Committee; Senate Armed Services Committee; DOD: Bring HR2052 (Ft. McClellan Registry Act) to the House floor for a vote

Hundreds of thousands of U.S. servicemen and servicewomen who were stationed at Fort McClellan, Alabama from 1935-1999, were exposed to chemical poisoning on the base itself from military sources and also by Monsanto Chemical. The 20,000 residents of Anniston, Alabama sued Monsanto in a class action lawsuit and were awarded $700 million dollars. All military veterans were intentionally left out of this lawsuit. Many of us veterans who were exposed have died or are terminally ill. Our genes have mutated in some instances and our children suffer from some of the same illnesses as their parents who were stationed at Fort McClellan. The Government is stalling on signing HR2052, the same as they did with the U.S. Marines, who were contaminated through their drinking water at Camp LeJeune, NC. We at Fort McClellan were exposed to Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Dioxins, PCB, TCE, VX nerve agent, Sarin nerve agent, Lewisite (Mustard Gas), and many other chemicals, too numerous to mention through the soil, drinking water and air. Our government was aware of this and has never admitted nor notified us of our contamination as of yet. Anyone interested can search this on the internet and can find tons of information on the contamination, EPA assessment, and cleanup activities that are taking place. We need all of the support from our American brothers and sisters that we can possibly get. Contact your senators and congressmen and let them know your thoughts on this matter. It is only through your support that all of us Fort McClellan, Alabama vets can get diagnosed and treated for all of our medical issues stemming from this contamination. All of us affected, including myself thank you for your support in this matter. Together, we can let Washington know that this is not how you treat our American heroes who have honorably served this great nation. Thank you.

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