Prevent the destruction of Hounslow Heath by blocking the Kidspace development of Hounslow Heath Golf Course.

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Hounslow Heath is a designated Local Nature Reserve. Hounslow Heath Golf Course is part of Hounslow Heath and therefore part of this Local Nature Reserve. Hounslow Council put this area consisting of 117 Acres up for Sale or Lease last year. They have agreed to Lease this land to a company called Kidspace trading under the name of Hobblers Heath, somehow, between the sales brochure being published and the Lease agreement this has risen to 120 Acres. Therefore it is obvious that part of the Heath land which is not the Golf Course has been added.

Kidspace wish to build a Children’s Adventure Park with a Zoo and limited Golfing activities on this site. They also plan to build an inland Surfing Lake on the North side of the Staines Road adjacent to the River Crane. They are planning to put high level Zip wires and Tree walks in the woodland areas. On top of this they also want to build a Children’s Nursery. Whilst this all sounds like a good idea, I do firmly believe that an area designated a Local Nature Reserve should be there for the protection of the local wildlife and indigenous plants and trees. They are planning to have the site open from 07:00 to 22:30 Monday to Sunday; this leads me to believe that they will be introducing floodlights to the site. According to Hounslow Council’s own figures roughly 11,000 people used the Golf Course last year, Kidspace are expecting 280,000 visitors per year. It is my firm believe that this proposal, if allowed to go ahead, would destroy what is a Historic and extremely important area of Public land. The River Crane runs adjacent to and through Hounslow Heath and these parts have been designated an Archaeological Priority Area. They are also planning to introduce Deer into the woods adjacent to the River Crane which could be devastating to the indigenous wildlife.

Hounslow Heath has been a Public Right of Way for a number of Decades; the London Loop runs through Hounslow Heath and crosses the area that is currently under discussion. There are a large number of naturally trodden paths which connect all areas of the Heath to the Golf Course land.

This proposed development would, in my opinion, destroy the Heath, remove the Public’s access to much needed open land and historic rights of way, have a devastating effect on the local indigenous wildlife and plant life. On top of this, the increased visitor numbers would put an increased strain on the already overcrowded road and public transport network.

Please sign this petition to help make Hounslow Council see sense and prevent the destruction of such a beautiful area of open land in the heart of the Borough.

The plans for this site can be seen at:

The reference is 01054/H/P38.

Thank you.

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