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Remove the "Hotties of Melbourne Uni" Facebook Page

The "Hotties of Melbourne University" Facebook page perpetuates rape culture by: 

1. Normalising predatory behaviour towards women as demonstrated in comments such as: 

"shoot me with tranquilliser right now before I go out to hunt!”, "Geez she'd get it” and " This bloke doesn't take no for an answer”. 

2. Posting photographs of people for the purposes of evaluating their desirability  without their permission.

3. Treating women as property; a commodity to be bought and sold through the promotion of comments such as “Sold: I'll trade you 6 goats and 100 gold pieces”.

The continued presence of the page allows rape culture to trickle into the lives of the students of The University of Melbourne. It will no longer be tolerated for it condones  sexism, predatory behaviour and disrespect. We are not fooled by the hollow gloss of false humour. 

Sign this petition to show that students of this university do not condone the page. It will be taken to the administrators to have it shut down. 

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