Stop Selling the "Define Cosplay" Girls T-Shirt

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I myself am a cosplayer.  I don't cosplay for the attention, I don't cosplay to compete and win prizes.  I cosplay because I love the characters, I love the series, I love the community.  I cosplay because I love to meet people and make new friends who I have similar interests with.  Cosplay has introduced me to many new friends that I normally wouldn't know otherwise.  The feeling you get when a child comes up to you and really loves the character that you are and wants a picture with you, and then being able to see the smile on their face after the photo is taken, that is one of the best feelings ever.  And this product that Hot Topic is selling makes cosplayers seem like dirty foul people who only care about how they look and how they are presented.

This shirt is completely the opposite of what cosplay is all about, and because of that I feel that it needs to stop being sold.  If you go to any sort of convention and see a cosplayer they can tell you that cosplay is so much more than just looking the part, or getting the character to be 100% acurate, and sometimes this isn't even possible to do.  So the fact that Hot Topic is even making a shirt like this is just blind ignorance to what the cosplay community is all about, or who we even are.

Due to the blatant misrepresentation of a community of people who only wish to do good with their talents and expertises I ask that Hot Topic stop selling this product.  I know that we, as a community, can make this happen as we have made so many other things happen in the past.

Below is a link to the T-Shirt in question directly from Hot Topics main site.

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