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Stop the closure of Hostess and save an iconic American brand

On Novemeber 16th, Hostess Brands announced that it would cease operations and close the business. I’m not okay with this.

There aren’t many brands left that are TRULY American and now another one will die. Hostess and by association, Twinkies, whether you love them or hate them, are pure Americana. Let us not forget about its lesser known brothers and sisters such as the chocolate (with the cream swirl) cupcakes, Ho Ho’s, Ding Dongs, Sno balls and Wonderbread, among others.

It is likely that the brands of Hostess will be sold and purchased by another brand, but let’s be honest, will they really be the same? Was Legally Blonde 2 as good as the original? No. And neither will Twinkies 2.0.

Also, what about Sno balls and Donettes? Do these guys even have a chance? Everyone knows they are not the most popular (although do have the biggest cult following). I’m worried they might not be sold and then we will lose them forever. They could release the recipe, but I just can’t recreate that delicious artificial taste in my home kitchen.

I don’t even know if this petition can do anything or have any effect on the closure of Hostess and all its brands, but if anything this petition will show the country that we still care and love one of America’s most iconic brands! Let’s raise some noise!

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