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The hon'ble Vice Chancellor

Presidency University

We are boarders of hindu hostel.Bricks and stones don't make a home, it is made on love alone.Eden hindu hostel is more than just a unity of bricks. It was the songs and stories, the ideas cackles and laughter, of consolation and trimphs that began in 1886. Hindu hostel was not just home to its residents. But to all those who were somehow related to our hallowed halls of presidency.

It has been three years that the boarders of Eden hindu hostel are shifted to Rajarhat,Netwown.At first the so called student loving authority promised to hand over the hostel with in 11 mounths but the promise has not been fulfilled. To get our home back we protest on 18january 2018. On response to our protest The honourable VC had given in writing, a promise, to complete renovation by 1st July and thereafter handover the Hindu Hostel to the students by 1st August. Likewise three years have passed without any valuable use of the govt alloted money. We are tired of the shameless lies of the authority. In the meetings held on 1st and 2nd August the so called "student loving " authority made it clear that only two out of six wards could be given back within six months. Desperately, we only demanded electricity and a clean hostel, excluding even basic amenities like water supply and bathrooms. However the righteous authority is unable to abide by our needs.
According to the Dean of Students,every two wards require three years of reconstruction, hence that would be nine years for six wards! This is enough time to recreate another Main Building.
We don't have the measure of the amount of corruption or unwillingness. Nevertheless, we won't be convinced. Our demands are clear, we want Hindu Hostel back mad we won't compromise.
With regard to the issue,3rd August we are starting a protest.We want our beloved hindu hostel back and clear words from the authority.They snatched our years by the name of months.Now this is the time to get in our hostel .

Hence, we appeal for your support for our just cause and help us to save our beloved University.

Thanking you

Boarders of Eden Hindu Hostel

Copy to:-

1. Hon'ble Chancellor, Presidency University

2. Hon'ble Education Minister, Govt. of West Bengal