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My name is Jessica. I recently had my baby who was born needing breathing and feeding support immdetiately at birth. 

I have recently met with mums who’s babies also need breathing and feeding support. I know it’s not just me but I feel strongly enough to take action about this petition. 

My daughter is 100% tube fed. She physically cannot feed any other way. While waiting in a clinic recently I found a leaflet for breast feeding help and support. Not taking much notice I carried on further down the corridor to be met with another leadleft, this time promoting help and support with bottle feeding. The leaflet next to it was offering support on weaning babies. I stopped and thought to myself, to a mother like me this is very unhelpful, this is actually upsetting. As a tube feeding mother this made me feel excluded. 

My aim is to have enough people sign a petition for leaflets offering help and support on tube feeding to the baby and mother displayed just like all other leaflets I found on the waiting room that day. 

Together we can offer support to the wider spectrum and reach out to all mothers and offer help, love and support. 

We aren’t asking for a miracle, just a little recognition and a few articles in public we can relate to.

Thank you for your support, you’re amazing!