On admitting elders, immobile patients please take ultimate care about bedsores.

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When admitted for polypectomy 68 yrs old male ( a Parkinson patient bedridden, but with good memory and no bedsores) in a multi speciality hospital in Coimbatore the procedure was very successful and the patient was all right. But due to the improper and inefficient nursing system at the hospital ICU  he developed bedsores even after multiple requests made to the nurses regarding the patient’s inabilities. Knowing very well that the patient had bedsores, at the time of discharge people were very much interested on receiving the bills but no concern was shown on treatment or advice about the sore! After a week when the sore was worse we were at the hospital again even then the surgeon recommended an admission but he was about to take leave for the next one week. On consultation with other doctors they recommended a vac therapy costing several lakhs. Now we are doing it at home with lots of agony both to the patient and attenders with lots doubts whether we will suceed saving him. A sincere advice to money making hospital managements ‘ please don’t run your concern with nursing students and less paid inexperienced nurses, money is less valid than human lives which cannot be earned again’