Alcohol-Free In Hospitality (Australia)

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There are a growing number of people in Australia who are choosing not to drink, for whatever reason.  I am one of them, and I struggle to find decent alternatives in venues and restaurants.  This is a problem, because

a) Water, soft drinks and 'mocktails' don't appeal to many when socialising. 

b) If there are no decent options, people who are struggling are more likely to make bad decisions or feel they can't go out at all!

I am seeking support from like-minded people who believe there is a market for quality alcohol-free wines, beers, spirits and lifestyle drinks in Australian venues. We need to:

1. Demonstrate that we are willing to pay for these options if they are available. 

2. Reassure business owners that we are more likely to come to their venue if these options are on offer.

By signing this petition you are providing vital support for people who you may never know exist, who are afraid to speak up, and who may not believe they deserve to be catered for.  

So if you're prepared to speak up, even in this small way, please sign.

Thanks so much for your support

Better Options = Better Choices.


Sarah Connelly

Tapped In and @sober_sommelier.