Boycott Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Milwaukee

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During a recent stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites in downtown Milwaukee 176 W. Milwaukee Ave, Milwaukee WI, they provided horrible service and the General Manager, Amy Grunwald was extremely rude. During my attempt to extend my stay at this property the hotel attempted to charge me a $50 per night incidental fee for phones use and movie rentals which I had no desire to use these services.  I canceled my reservation.  Upon leaving the hotel I was confronted by the hotels Chief of Engineering named Dean Hunt who proceeded to reveal personal information about me which could have only been obtained if someone gave him my information for him to look up via social media and the internet.  During an interaction with Dean outside of the hotel as I was leaving Dean identified as a right wing militia member of the 3%er group. Trying to complain to the General Manager I was told that it was acceptable behavior for employees to gain access to guests personal information and then dig into their lives.  Looking at Dean's Facebook Profile he has an altered Gadsden Flag that states "I'll Tread Wherever I Want".  What is most disturbing is since Dean identified as a self-proclaimed militia member, there were 3%ers who showed up at my hotel stalking me.

After further looking into the Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Milwaukee, we have found that this hotel has been issues a city violation for not obtaining the proper licenses after they have expired.  They also have dozens of city fire & safety violations that they have been issued violations for.  This is an ongoing issue with this hotel since 2001.  It needs to be SHUT DOWN as it is a danger to the residents of Milwaukee, & Guests from out of town.

We are currently participating in a phone campaign by repeatedly calling the hotel and asking to speak with the General Manager Amy Grunwald, (414) 271-4656

We are currently participating in a phone campaign to the corporate offices 703-883-1000 x 36580

We are currently participating in calling the Hospitality company that owns this franchised property Schulte Hospitality 502-489-3737 x7092 Jacob Vanwinkle

Signing this petition, sharing it out and continuing to spread the word about what has happened at this hotel with the sharing of guests personal information with staff members who should not have access to this and then looking into guests via information on the internet.

We will also be staging a protest outside the hotel to SHUT IT DOWN!!!!  Date & Time will be announced on the Never Stop Voices YouTube Channel.

Share this petition out and Boycott the Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Milwaukee and continue to participate in our phone and email campaigns Emai & Call The District 4 Alderman and demand this Hotel be Shut Down!!!!