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Hong Kong needs to open the door to qualified foreign doctors

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"Hong Kong needs to open the door to foreign doctors" (SCMP article 18/01/17)

"Hong Kong is short of at least 250 doctors and 700 nurses at its public hospitals. There are only two ways to address the problem of manpower shortage: train more of them locally or import more of them from overseas. The first solution is less controversial...But this alone will not resolve the problem"

"Medical blunders in HK are linked to this manpower shortage. Consultation times are down to six minutes per doctor" the SCMP reports in another article.

Just today, the SCMP reported that a Hong Kong patient at Queen Mary Hospital was left on the operating table for three hours with his abdomen cut open the whole time, because the senior surgeon (Mr. Ng) left to perform a separate surgery in another hospital. How was Mr. Ng allowed to leave freely with his patient's abdomen exposed for hours? Because Mr. Ng works privately as well, which means he can legally work for other hospitals. Was it Mr. Ng prioritizing his private practice over his public hospital practice, or was it simply due to a shortage of doctors available that Mr. Ng had to leave his patient with his abdomen cut open for 3 hours, for another patient and another surgery. Whatever the reason, something needs to change so that HK people are not treated this way.

With a shortage of medical professionals in hospitals in HK, the waiting times and quality medical assistance for HK people is deteriorating. Whilst local doctors do not want to compete with foreign doctors and therefore rally with their political allies not to open the doors to foreign doctors, it is against the interest of local HK people to simply accept the shortages that allow local doctors to get away with medical blunders and allow for long waiting times for patients. This traditional approach is simply unacceptable for the HK community, that has high standards of efficiency and protocol.

Why not allow the best from all over the world to help the public of Hong Kong? We are "Asia's world-city" after all and our health is our priority.

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