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OPEN YOUR EYES!!! Epilepsy and seizure awareness and training.

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I have epilepsy and I live in Montana.  The care for epilepsy and seizures in this country is seriously lacking.  It lacks proper healthcare knowledge, training, and facilities to help people.  I have been to the hospital many times since my official diagnosis 2 years ago and I am treated with judgment because ER health care professionals do not know enough to treat patients and go by textbook definitions.  Just because it isn't a textbook case or they are afraid to say they don't know what to do doesn't mean a patient deserves less respect.  

I've had to file complaints about quality of care to hospital administration.  I have to point out importance of safety in seizure pads and them not being used all the time with epilepsy patients.  This protocol should be observed in every hospital.  By not doing so, the hospital is opening themselves up for a huge liability.  

I believe seizure first aid should be mandatory for all health care professionals and classes made available to the public as an overall safety precaution.

A person shouldn't have to travel out of state for decent epilepsy and seizure care.  Think of the extra costs and stress on people, not to mention what more it costs private insurance and state aided healthcare.  Medicaid pays travel and imagine if a patient didn't need to jump through hoops for proper care and the spared expense for them.

This is a serious illness and needs recognized.  If awareness isn't brought to this issue, so many will suffer.  We need better care, healthcare professionals, and facilities.  Just because a person doesn't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist!

Take a stand and be an advocate!!!

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