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The hospital has said they will take her at 7am IF THE FUNDS ARE RAISED!!! 
She still needs around $470k. PLEASE donate, share, and ask everyone you know!


A surgeon at UTMB Galveston has graciously agreed to do the surgery. The process is at a standstill due to the paperwork needing processed. The petition is now geared toward asking UTMB to expedite the process in administration so Mary can be transferred. The family is so grateful for the surgeon's willingness, and hopes that UTMB can continue to be a blessing by getting the process moving and Mary transferred very soon.
Keep praying the process speeds up. Time is very sensitive.
Mary is dealing with double pneumonia as well as liver failure. 
Remember to petition God as well as the hospital--Mary needs a heaping measure of mercy and grace right now. <3 

Mary St. John is a 26 year old wife and mother of 2 with acute liver failure. She is in desperate need of a liver transplant, in Texas, immediately! 
She has been turned down everywhere because her insurance doesn't start until December first. She has money, and air transport to the hospital, still no one will touch her. Petition this hospital to help! 
Her husband's email is

She is currently at a hospital in Temple, Texas
You can encourage UTMB to push the paperwork through by praying, sharing this petition, and by calling the administration office at UTMB Galveston Liver Transplant Center, but please PLEASE remember to be kind and gracious when you call because harsh words don't help.