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Village, we are at a loss anymore, and this may be the end of the line for us and the Tampa shelter dogs. We are at a tipping point, and we truly think this is do or die time. Our county is focusing not on lives, but on numbers. We have seen our shelter director playing some dirty tricks to manipulate the numbers, but now, they are trying to change a county contract to legally PAY HUMANE SOCIETY OF TAMPA BAY TO KILL OUR ANIMALS AND CLAIM THOSE ANIMALS WERE NOT KILLED IN THE COUNTY STATS!

That is hiding public records under a private group, and THAT WILL REMOVE ALL ACCOUNTABILITY!!! There will be no point in trying to help our dogs anymore.

And they are attempting to do this in such a sneaky way. Currently, they are ILLEGALLY paying HSTB to kill animals. Instead of admitting they are all committing contract fraud and fixing it, our bocc has said the shelter director will be "introducing some revised language" into the contract with hstb. To "make the contract more clear".

That is a lie! It is very clear what the contract says. That HSTB is NOT supposed to get paid for stray animals they kill. But they are trying to CHANGE it. And they don't want any input from the citizens, they want to change the contract so that they can keep PAYING HUMANE SOCIETY OF TAMPA BAY TO KILL OUR STRAY ANIMALS, and we will never even know which animals were killed. It’s a DIRTY TRICK AND THE CITIZENS NEED TO LOUDLY LET OUT BOCC KNOW THIS IS NOT OKAY!!!!


So what we need everyone to do is to please send an email to everyone below. Please make the subject line "NO Killing and Billing", and please tell the BOCC that PAYING HSTB TO KILL OUR ANIMALS, and then claiming a live release is NOT OKAY and NOT AN APPROPRIATE USE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS!

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