Healthy Water in Horsham

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Since 2016, it was brought to the Horsham residents attention that the drinking water had disease causing agents in the water. These chemical agents were introduced by the military base. 

This issue was never completely resolved. There has been no recourse for anyone affected. 

This past week, we were informed after the fact, that there was an issue again in the water due to the disinfectant machinery failing to clean the water. A boil water warning went out through social media and news outlets. Allegedly, some were called. 

The citiizens pay taxes and water bills, yet, the very stability of our well being is at stake. Pregnant women, children and everyone are in harms way. 

It is time for the state officials to get involved. It is time that the residents of Horsham are not only compensated for the loss of use but also for medical testing to all residents who agree to it to screen for potential toxicity.