Housing Crisis - Stop Horsham Council Making Man Homeless

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Horsham Council are planning to make Stephen Tremmel homeless from his modest little horsebox that he calls home.

Stephen has quietly and respectfully lived in his horsebox on a private estate, with the permission of the landowner, for 5 years whilst working as a carer on minimal wage and on a zero hour contract.

If the council are successful in this eviction not only will Stephen will be added to the very homeless crisis, which is on the increase in the local area, but also those people living in the community in desperate need of support will lose someone who they rely on and have built trusting bonds with.
Stephen said “I feel what I have been doing was proactive, trying to sort out a problem which the Government and the councils aren’t addressing which is the homeless problem".

The local council ARE able to change policies and this clearly needs to be done in an attempt to combat the lack of affordable housing in the area. This case sets a president for any of us who may find ourselves needing to reduce our outgoings, wanting to work in the underpaid care sector or for many reasons find ourselves falling on hard times.  Steven has given so much to help those in desperate times to get back on their feet and assume a better life for themself and now he needs our help to do the same for him.

Please read article below - https://www.wscountytimes.co.uk/news/anger-as-man-living-in-a-horsebox-set-to-be-made-homeless-by-horsham-council-1-8672912