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Horses Dropping Like Flies In Races At The Del Mar Death Track

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     The horses at the Del Mar race track are dropping like flies. 13 horses were killed in 2016 at the Del Mar races. Another eight horses died. After, there were six more deaths within the 15 days of their meet they had in the fall another five died. That together is 27 deaths. 27 dead animals for meaningless entertainment and a couple dollar bets. Is this cool?

      In 2015, 5-year-old horse Rush broke down in the middle of his race and was euthanized shortly after. A witness said “I watched as track officials unsaddled him, and then the green screen went up, but I could still see him in full view from where I stood. He was clearly struggling as he tried to walk. The van backed up and he was loaded on and taken away. It was very upsetting to watch – I could see him tossing his head through the van’s window, and my heart sank.”

     Is this horse racing? 

      Killing a horse just because it was trained to race and got hurt is inhumane, but the way they are treated when they are alive is even worse. "PETA stated that, equine medical director for the California Horse Racing Board, Dr. Rick Arthur, , said  that “90 percent of all horses suffering fatal musculoskeletal injuries racing or training have pre-existing pathology – a prior injury – at the site of their fatal injury.” PETA also stated they received a letter from Executive Director Rick Baedeker of the California horse racing board confirming that autopsies of the 16 horses that died at Del Mar last summer had “pre-existing injuries unknown to bettors or authorities.” 

       “If trainers know that horses are sore or injured, they should not be giving them painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, or sedatives to keep them running when they should be recuperating,” said senior vice president of PETA, Kathy Guillermo. “If horses need those medications for therapeutic reasons, it’s dangerous and, we believe, illegal to put them on a track.” The track is not safe for the horses. Del Mar has fixed it but it is still dangerous. Trained until mental exhaustion, just so the rider can win some money and a prize. Innocent horses being killed for simply doing something that pushes them to their death.

      Horseracing abuses and kills intelligent beings every day. Every day. All for gambling and entertainment. Sign my petition and let's put an end to the races. The money used for bets and production can go towards something meaningful and beneficial. Let's make the Del Mar fairgrounds a happy place, where families go and ride the roller coasters and ferries wheel not where horses die.

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