5 days face to face learning

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We the undersigned hereby demand a full return to five day a week live schooling for our children. We are aware that our children are at statistical zero risk from Covid, and that there is a mountain of evidence from domestic and international sources affirming that kids play little to no role in transmission of Covid to teachers and administrators. Based on these facts, the academic, social, physical health, and mental health impact of not going to school in a five day live environment dwarfs any potential risk associated with Covid and we demand our children be given every opportunity to navigate our current environment with the greatest chance for success possible - live schooling five days a week.
We should be offered the same right to chose how our children are educated just as the virtual parents had their choices. We believe many teachers also want the in school learning from what we have witnessed around the district. We can’t let the teachers that don’t want to teach in these hard times dictate our children’s education! 
The fact is that every public school student can chose to pay for a private school/daycare and get face to face instruction but public schools can’t is just unheard of! There needs to be an option so we too can chose our children’s education just as the virtual parents got what they want. The teachers that aren’t allowed to speak up in fear of retaliation that want face to face learning also should get their choice. We can’t accept this new normal and is parents are willing to fight for what we believe in. 
Face to Face Learning is what our Children Deserve and nothing less!