Horror Inc to let Gun Media continue with content updates for Friday The 13th The Game

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kyre richardson
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Co-Creator of Friday the 13th The Game, Ronnie Hobbs, has said near the lines of that they can’t stop indefinitely then continue making content and has said development doesn’t work like that. But I want to see if this petition changes anything (most likely not but I really want to give this a shot I mean crazier things have happened). If you care about this game please considering signing this even if nothing changes. I would love to at least see Jason X and all the other things that were close to being finished before the lawsuit happened. I wanted to make this to show Horror inc that they should do whatever Gun wanted to do with the game. After that, if that somehow Horror inc lets them, we have to wait from what Gun wants to put the time and money into new content. I respect Gun Media no matter what decisions they decide to make and we can always look up to them for future games and projects they are planning. Thank you Gun for one of the most funnest experiences in a game. I hope I didn’t get anything incorrect typing this description, please let me know if I did because I was really confused with the lawsuit for awhile.