Mandatory de sexing of dogs in NZ

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NZ has a huge problem with the backyard breeding of unwanted puppies by irresponsible owners. Charity shelters are full of homeless dogs and struggling to cope with the endless cases of neglect and unwanted puppies and dogs.

Horowhenua district council could lead the way by making it unlawful to own a dog, male or female, that is not de sexed at age 6 months, unless registered with  NZ Kennel club.

Hopefully then other councils through out NZ will follow suit.

I myself have worked on staff for SPCA  and felt that we were the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. The problem is nation wide and of epidemic proportions.... something needs to be done.

Councils need to step up and take some positive action to halt indiscriminate backyard breeding.

In my opinion owners who can't afford to de sex their dog really cant afford to raise pups properly or give vet care if required either. 

If a law was in place eventually the over population of homeless dogs would at less reduce to a manageable number for those providing shelter care.