Fix the Florence Street & Hunter Lane Shared Zones

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The Hornsby Shire Council has created a Dangerous situation in Florence Street by creating a shared Zone mixing both cars and pedestrians when the construction of railway bridge took place removing what used be a roadway for access to Hunter Lane.


During the past 6 months of this being opened one child has already been hit and numerous near misses of pedestrians.

The Hornsby Shire Council has not followed RMS shared zone in the creation of this space by


the following bits are not actioned by council

1.         Pavement surface the pavement surface shall be changed to highlight the difference in the street environment from the surrounding road network. It must be clearly distinguishable by colour, texture and/or materials. Any exceptions require RMS approval.


2.         Lighting and drainage grates Appropriate lighting should be installed for safety and security purposes.  Appropriate drainage grates should be installed to cater for pedestrian and cyclist use.


3.        Change in carriageway surface and texture Provides characteristics that distinguish the scheme from other roads. Shared zones require a different road surface along the entire length of the road. Alternate treatments may be considered with Roads and Maritime approval. This must be provided where the existing kerb and gutter is to be retained.


We also experience daily abuse by pedestrians in trying to access our properties and have had vehicles kicked and abuse all because we are trying to get into our properties.

The buildings down hunter lane also have DOCTORS surgery’s and need to have 24x7 access in the event of an ambulance being called.


We have asked Hornsby Council to rectify this situation in one of the three ways.


1.       Fix the road surface on the mail and use bollards to clearly define a roadway where cars travel though as the old Florence street used to be prior to the bridge construction.


2.       Build a new roadway between the library and the commercial white building going from George street to hunter lane giving us clear access in and not then needing to use the mall at all.

3.       Widen Hunter lane by removing the footpath and 5 car spots from the library car park to make this wide enough for two cars to safely use and make this a non-pedestrian section of road where all foot traffic goes via George Street or the mall from Hunter street.



These are the only options we feel would be a sufficient fix to this already dangerous situation created by council and we are calling on this to be done right away.