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Close the gap between the treatment of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians in court.

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While the Australian government has indeed put in place a plan to Close The Gap between Indigenous & Non-Indigenous well being, not all areas of human well being have been taken into account. While general health, education and employment have been considered, law & justice has been neglected. 

Though Aboriginals represent only 3% of the total population of our country, more than 28% of Australia’s prison population are Aboriginal. The reason for this is not due to the Indigenous people's unjust actions but rather due to the words and actions of the Australian legal systems. Court systems are considerably much more favourable towards non-Indigenous Australians. Aboriginal people across Australia are 14. 8 times more likely to be imprisoned than non-Aboriginal people. In WA, the figure is 20 times.

This is an unacceptable set of statistics in such a well off country so proud of its development and status as a first-world country. We are often referred to as Australia; The Lucky Country, but can a nation really be called lucky if not every resident is lucky? Can a nation really be called lucky if it disregards the health of its original custodians and leaves their appalling issues of bias in the legal system out of a Government plan to help them?

You can do your part in closing the gap between the Indigenous and the Non-Indigenous. By signing this petition, you may not feel like you, as an individual have achieved much, but you have in fact brought us one step closer to attracting the attention of government officials and. You have contributed in a cause greater for yourself. Every signature counts.

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