Change Racist Horlick High School Mascot

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I am proud to say I went to Racine Horlick High School. The teachers and students I met during my time there helped to shape my worldview, and made me a better person. However, many students and alumni, including me, are ashamed of Horlick's mascot. We are embarrassed that in 2020, the school and the district have not yet cut all possible ties to the confederacy.

The school mascot, the Horlick Rebel, for many years was dressed up as a confederate soldier. This school has no business representing the confederacy. For one thing, Horlick is located in Wisconsin, a Northern state. Much more importantly, in the Civil War, the confederacy was fighting to maintain their right to keep black people enslaved. This horrifying, racist history must be taught in schools. It is vital that we, as citizens, know our history and fight hard not to repeat it. However, no school should represent themselves using white supremacy.  

On the Racine Unified website, Horlick claims to have "a long and strong tradition of providing an excellent high school experience for our students." But, how can this be true if you are not creating a safe and welcoming environment for ALL students? How are you providing an excellent high school experience for black students while upholding a racist system? The answer is clear. Horlick is failing their black students, and is fostering an environment where racism is tolerated. Importantly, in 2019, Racine was ranked as the 2nd worst place for African Americans to live. One of the eight measurements used was education. As such, it should be a main priority for RUSD to improve their schools for black students. (source:

I, along with many other Horlick students and alumni, am calling for Horlick High school to cut all ties to the confederacy. This includes any imagery around school that depicts, or is related to, confederate soldiers. This also includes the mascot itself. Even if Rebby the Rebel is no longer outfitted in a confederate uniform, students, and the community, know what it represents. In the year 2020, it is PAST time for Horlick High school to create an anti-racist, truly excellent high school experience for all. 

Thank you to graduating senior Nora Schultz who inspired me to create this petition, and thank you to Imad Qawi who helped me write this!