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Horizon Montessori Students Deserve Recess - EVERY Day

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Horizon Montessori in McAllen, Texas has eliminated recess for 1st through 8th grade as of August 2017.  This comes as a shock to students and their parents alike as this so-called Montessori school has clearly abandoned the very foundational principles of the Montessori philosophy. All KIDS DESERVE RECESS EVERY DAY.  There are more than 39,857 Newspaper articles, Scholarly Journals, Wire Feeds, Dissertations & Thesis, Trade Journals and more – written primarily by medical professionals – all expressing the great importance of recess for children on a daily basis.  Recess is imperative for mental and social growth, it is detrimental to physical health, and studies have proven that children who have recess everyday perform better academically and get higher test scores. Montessori students are normally encouraged to move freely around the classroom and have daily outdoor experiences of exploration and play. Creativity is spawned by social interactions which aid in development of problem-solving skills.  Intervals of free play are as important to student development as fundamental reading, writing and arithmetic. Normally, Montessori focuses on the whole child for experiences and development in all areas of human experience resulting in an independent, inquisitive, respectful, socialized, and educated whole child.  This does not appear to be the case at Horizon Montessori in McAllen Texas as the children have been robbed of this very important part of their early educational program.

In addition to the contribution to impair social, emotional and mental growth of students, this abandonment of a gold standard in childhood educational programing is also detrimental to their health.  According to MSNBC, McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas, has an obesity rate of 38.8%, and has some of the highest ratings of childhood obesity and diabetes in the country.  In fact, McAllen rates as the # 1 “fattest city” in the country. According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, the obesity-related medical expenses costs the McAllen area $410.9 million annually. The exclusion of recess for these children only enforces sedentary and anti-social behavior which is a detriment to our future society, and promotes chronic disease that will only serve to raise health care costs. The CDC recommends one hour of physical activity for children of this age.

ALL students deserve recess- regardless of school curriculum, method or philosophy.  PLEASE sign this petition to help restore this gold-standard in educational programming.  Make a difference in 700+ students lives, and their future.



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