Mental Health Matters!

Mental Health Matters!

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Started by Kayla Stephens

The world has change a great amount since the world wide pandemic known as Covid 19 struck in March 2020, earlier for some, making this world extremely difficult to live in. While many changes took way, one by one, each of us all around the world lost many things. Some lost jobs, children lost education, and people who suffer with Mental Illnesses got worse, some lost their family members, and others lost themselves. 

It’s been a great deal since Covid 19 struck, we have lost so much-little by little until we eventually just lost everything, including ourselves. 

We are now approaching two years living in this pandemic, with many changes in rules, but no actual changes in everyday living. I live in a small town, so I know my chances of making a difference are slim, but I need to try. 

I suffer from Mental Illnesses, I suffer from anxiety, and many people are suffering with me. How is it fair to have to suffer in silence because we can’t have a support person enter a Hospital or Clinic with us? Why do I have to lay in bed late at night, with a racing heart, crying, suffering, because I know that if I make the call- I have to go alone. 

I want to make a difference, not just for me, for others around me. Just because my problems are not physical, doesn’t mean my problems don’t exist. 

Let’s make a change. Mental Health Matters, and us who suffer-well we deserve more. 

Let us have a support person. Stop making us suffer in silence. 

9 have signed. Let’s get to 10!