Rethink Attorney General William Barr’s Status as a Distinguished Alumnus of Horace Mann

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In 2011, William P. Barr ‘67 was awarded the honor of the Alumni Association's Award for Distinguished Achievement by the Horace Mann School’s Alumni Council. On June 2nd, Barr ordered law enforcement to beat, spray tear-gas on, and forcibly clear a crowd of peaceful protesters, who were exercising their first amendment rights in Lafayette Square, so that the President could appear in a photo opportunity in front of St. John’s Church in Washington, DC. Barr directly ordered the violent removal of protesters for the President's political gain, and this was a callous and despicable act demonstrating a clear disregard for our democratic values of free speech and racial justice. In addition, Barr violated our school’s Core Values of Mutual Respect and Mature Behavior as well as our Mission Statement by infringing on the common good. William Barr should not be held as a model member of our community because of his disgraceful actions. Sign this petition to urge the school administration to rethink his status as a Distinguished Alumnus Award winner and show Horace Mann in numbers that we do not align nor identify with this inappropriate use of power.

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