Hopkinton Supports Social Equity

Hopkinton Supports Social Equity

December 3, 2020
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Hopkinton Residents
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Why this petition matters

Started by Brad Fenn

(This petition is for residents of Hopkinton Massachusetts only)

Recent national events have increased our awareness of the subtle and overt racism that exists in this country -- and the need to take action!

We are rightfully proud of our wonderful community and our town's public servants for their social equity efforts already undertaken.  We acknowledge this while seeking additional positive movement to help ensure equity for all.

At the behest of several regional mayors and town managers, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council developed a set of guiding principles (below) to provide a common social justice framework amongst the towns.  To date, 21 regional towns have pledged approval and other towns are actively considering them.  

As signers of this petition, we agree to these principles and request the Hopkinton Select Board affirm and sign the pledge on behalf of Hopkinton demonstrating the town's commitment to social equity.

The 5 principles are:  

1) We agree that systemic racism is a public health emergency, which must be addressed by strong and decisive actions over the coming weeks and months, and by patient and determined efforts years into the future. We are in this now; we are in it for the long haul.

2) We acknowledge that racial biases and inequities exist, and we are committed to achieving racial equity and identifying disparities in local municipal services, education, health, housing, transportation, jobs, law enforcement, and youth programming, among others. We are committed to providing safe spaces for community input and dialogue around these issues and we will continue to work together to share best practices and to make progress at the local, state, and federal levels.

3) We are committed to instituting an anti-violence approach to policing that prioritizes the safety, health, and well being of all community members, including police officers, as its primary goal. Policing practices that seek to de-escalate conflict, minimize the use of force, avoid false arrest, and establish trust with all residents, especially communities of color, will inform decisions on recruitment, training, promotion, equipment, and tactics.  

4) We will work to address racism within law enforcement in a proactive, intentional, and consistent manner.  

5) We will make it a priority to take action now as local governments, and we will also advocate for state and federal policies and funding to enable cities and towns to accomplish the goals of this pledge.


This petition made change with 528 supporters!

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