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Re open the MCcallum ward at torbay hospital

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Sorry, me again! I'm now trying to get the only womans gynecological ward re opened at torbay hospital. In April torbay hospital  shut the MCcallum ward at torbay this has effected 1000s of people. Iv been visiting the ward for the last 9 years it has been shut down to save money, there has been no thought in how this has and will effect woman within South Devon. The ward specialised in gynecological problems, woman who have suffered the loss of a baby, mastectomys, hysterectomys. Etc.  They have now allocated 6 beds on a surgical ward with only a blue curtain separating men from woman. That's if they have a bed free if not you could be placed anywhere.  As a regular patient I found this to be very distressing. There are a handful of gyne nurses that are working on the new mixed ward but at times not 1 is on shift. The  compassion and care recieved on the MCcallum ward was above and beyond there duty, you were made to feel safe, and always updated on what was happening. If you just needed a friendly ear that was always available too. I no many people may not think it effects them but I could do in the future, mums, aunties, sisters, wife's. The ward itself is just left empty with no use for it so there is no reason why it cannot be re opened!! Please guys it takes 2 min to sign 

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