Stop PVR from acquiring SPI cinemas

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Vadakku take over of SPI cinemas, fondly and commonly called satyam is happening. PVR will shove nonsense Salman Kahn movies and try to appropriate our culture, along with SPI cinemas. 

Our popcorn will become expensive. Our cola, diluted and just as we come to terms with paying 1000 rupees to watch a Vijay movie, there will be 30 minutes of ads and the movie will never start on time.

what will we say at home when we’re back late from a movie?

”hey ma! Yea the movie started late” like hell she’ll believe that. 

To all the people who bunk classes because satyam has the perfect show timings for us to be able to do that,

to all the couples who go watch some random movie, for obvious reasons,

To all the families, generations of which enjoy the popcorn,and the occasional overdramatic Cheran films,

I humbly beg that you sign this petition so that we can some how convince satyam to not sell and, subsequently, I promise to print out this entire petition, signatures and all, and force PVR to eat it.