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Don’t help me, help my son.

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Hello and thank you for choosing to read. My name is Amber I want to tell you a story and I’m sure you will find heartbreaking and disgusting. This is my first time writing one of these. 

8 and a half years ago god has blessed me with a gift I never knew I would ever get! My son! My son is the best thing that has ever happened to me, but before that I had met one guy who I thought was different from the rest. My life was turned upside down from the things he’s done to me. I met his dad I believe 2007 early 2008. I never expected him and I to have a child but we did, His name is Sydney. Sydney and I did not have the best relationship I’ll admit I was young and dumb for sticking round. The first few months were good and out of know where he changed. He started being mentally abusive towards me and then the physical came along shortly after. I knew in my heart if I left him I would be making a mistake. NO the mistake was staying and the abuse continued. July 08 I found out I was pregnant with his son. I thought yes this could be the best news to keep us together nope! I was wrong on so many levels. The next day I called him and told him the news and that was the last time I spoke with him up until I was around 4 or 5 months pregnant. When Sydney came back into my life I thought it was good but it wasn’t. Sydney stressed me out and was so abusive towards me I fell sick, and I ended up having an emergency c-section on February 10th 2009! My beautiful tiny son was born! Great right? No the days in the hospital were horrible! Before I was going to have my son Sydney was going to leave to go play basketball (he is not a professional) at the time I didn’t want him to go but I should of. When my son was born Sydney and I had to stay over night before we took our son home. There In the NICU Sydney was verbally and mentally abusive towards me telling me “I hate you so much I wish you were dead” mind you I just had a c-section and he had me sleeping in a chair! A CHAIR! While he was sleeping on a cot bed. When my son woke up I fed him put him back to sleep, when he needed a diaper I did that put him back to sleep. Not once did this man (BOY) get up to help it was all me. He called me horrible names when I asked him to get a bottle from the nurse. I was so upset with how things went I frantically called my mother crying. This was while the hospital staff was around. The day my son was going home Sydney felt it was important that a new born premie would go home with him and I pump breast milk and bring it to him. I said nicely no you’re more then welcome to come over and stay a night or two but he has to be with me and he didn’t understand how important it was. A few months go by Sydney has sent other women to my house to try and fight me because he told them I was keeping my son from him. I was trying to keep him safe from a man who was and is extremely violent! My son was 2 months old when his dad was so physical towards me my c-section scar opened a little bit. He was physical because he thought I was telling on him about how he is towards me. He pushed me on the bed with my son in my arms his mom and step dad broke into his room and took my son and Sydney was still physically harming me. I tryied to run into the bathroom and he held me on the sink with his hands around my neck saying these words to me “ I love you so much I will kill you right now” I told him do it! He then pushed me to the floor and I ended in the living room where he pinned me on the floor telling me “you’re not going anywhere you bitch” then his step dad told him to let me go so I ran out the door leaving everything including my son. Sydney found me and brought me my things and not my baby. I said if he didn’t give me my son I was going to call the cops at that time I guess either his mother or step dad called his sister and she didn’t live too far. She made a threat to me saying “if you press charges on him I will put you in the hospital” so I never called! We had went to court non stop! In the year 2013 my son went over for his weekend visit and my son being 3 at the time okay? THREE YEARS OLD came home to tell me “daddy and angel had sex in front of me” I had to have him say it again because I was in complete shock. I immediately called my mother for advise and then the cops as well as CPS. The case worker CARLETTA JOE failed my son! Twisted the story and threw out the case! Apparently a child has to be physically abused in the state of Arizona for them to do something. Sydney has not seen my son sense then! Years go by and nothing. So I talked to a lawyer to go about getting his rights revoked and I did file and I did not leave anything out. The judge dismissed the case now my son is 8 years old and he made the choice he doesn’t want to see him because he is afraid of him and because of what happened. I respect my sons choise yes I let him make his own choices but when it is something huge me and his step dad have been there to correct him. Now my husband has been in my sons life for over 8 years.  He had done everything Sydney should have done the o my thing he doesn’t do is discipline he is not physical towards my son what so ever. He is a very good man and a good dad to my son. I gave his dad the  benefit of the doubt that he was different and he did change but he didn’t. Sydney still disrespects me calls me names and makes threats towards me (jokingly according to him). I do not take them as a joke what so ever. When I filed to get his rights taken away I thought I was going to find a piece of happiness for my son. He wants my husband to adopt him so he can be part of the family. So I’m asking for who ever reads this to please help and sign this so when I do refile he or she can see this and my son can be happy. I’m only looking to get 900 - 1k  signatures. Hoping and having faith! 


God bless 

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