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Hello I would like signatures of everyone that has witnessed me and there father with our children Jc works driving tractor trailer and I’m a stay at home mom we ended up in jail over something stupid and while we where in jail for 18 days my sister filed for custody of our two younger boys alic age 1 and Ryker age 3 and my older sons father filed for custody of him they where granted custody because we where in jail anyway while we where in jail my sister gave away all my pets my kids pets without our permission and someone stole a bunch of my stuff out of my apartment so on top of dealing with my sisters crap saying when we could have and see our own children we had to deal with loss of our pets and items anyway we have been really stressed out Jc my younger kids dad went straight to work the next day after getting out of jail but the other day after a long stressful day we had stopped to get milk for the baby and my seven year old son was in the back seat screaming throwing things out the window and Jc was trying to talk to our neighbor about all the things we are dealing with and my son kept acting up and swearing talking back Jc then went to tap his mouth so he would stop I know it shouldn’t of happened my son ended up putting his hands in front of his mouth so his tooth hit his lip and swelled up and bruised cps came and made up give the people who had temp custody of our children get them and are filling a neglect petition and a order of protection literally over a accident I believe it’s wrong to take children away from there parents and home where they are use to being and are happy Jesus when I was little I remember getting soap in my mouth spanked with belts and everything else how can they do this is u look threw my photos u see how well clothed and cleaned and happy my children are I just want them home ���

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